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Being one of the classy affiliations, we are busy offering a wide range of Mini CNC machines. since the delivered machine is requested among our visitors for its long service life and its lower aspects of protection.

Since the machines presented by us are manufactured under the course of our skillful company of experts from the best quality elements and the latest innovation.

The offered machines are generally recognized for their good design, high viability, reliable activity, good performance, low conservation, long service life, and incredible workmanship.

Also, to meet the fluctuating prerequisites of the visitors, we almost delivered these machines in various determinations to navigate.


Vital, abundant, and non-disfigurement casting machine bed

Amazing plan and selected electrical assistants to limit disappointment rate.

High functional forgetfulness

SPECIFICATION UNIT Technical Parameter
X-Y-Z Axis working area mm 900x 900 x 150
Drive Motor 86 kgcm stepper Motor  ( optionl  : Servo motor ) Whit Planetary Gearbox
Operating system   PCI based Controller( optionl : DSP Hand  Controller )
X – Y – Z  Movement 20mm LM guide way & ball screw  ( HIWIN Taiwan )
spindle    3 kw Air cooled  ( italy )
Colet Type & Size   Er 20
Oil Lubrication System   Standard
Working Voltage   AC  415 V /  3 PH  ,50 Hz
Command code    G  Code
Maximum Spindle Speed mm/min 18,000
Resolutions mm 0.2
Maximum Cutting speed mm/min 6,000
Working Tabbel   Aluminium Tslot
Material Holding    By Clamp
cutting material   Mdf , Wood , Wpc, Mdf , Acp , Acrylic, Pvc ,

Mini CNC router machine

Smart Techno pack Smaller than expected cnc switch manufacturer for quintessence hard drawing, CNC switch for drawing delicate substances of wooden tombstones, CNC switch for wood and delicate accessories, 3030 solid CNC switch, sculpture wood CNC switch, and Coimbatore 3040t USB CNC switch recorder.

We offer our visitors a mini CNC router for hard essences drawing.


Table Face T specialty table

Rails for linear square companions X, Y, Z

Type of cooling Water-cooled

From China

Stepper drive systems

DSP control system

Viable line formats Ley G, u00, mmg, plt

Programming compatibility Any CAD / CAM programming

Machine speed 23 m / min

Work clamp holding clam



Table frame Table face Specialty T table


Lead Rail System X, Y, Z-Linear Round Companion Rails


Type of cooling Water-cooled

XYZ-Stepper drive systems

Work holding the bias clamp beside the habit clamp

USB interface type


Environmental factors for Windows 98/2000 / XP software

Stepper drive motor

We are one of the acclaimed organizations busy with immolation CNC Router for wood and soft materials in assiduity. These items are known for their durable development, longer service life, easy setup, and low protection. These switches are manufactured using the latest innovation as quality components. Besides, we give this diversity under bright particular determinations to increase the full fill position of our visitors.


Table Structure Table Table Niche in T

X drive systems, Y racks, Z ball screw

Guide rail system X, Y, and Z linear guide square rails

Water-cooled type of cooling

Small CNC router machine price

This CNC router comes as a pickup rig and offers a 450 x 390 x 85mm (17.7 x 15.3 x 3.3in) cutting region. The Bobs CNC carcass is produced from beam cut wood, which makes it somewhat shaky when cutting hard accessories. On the splendid side, such a casing reduces the expense of a machine, making it one of the best-known decisions for low-budget shops.

The E3 CNC switch can cut and engrave MDF, wood, and a few different accessories. , it is a woodworking CNC switch. Addicts share that without an instrument change, the switch allows you to cut approximately 1.2 “deep in 3.3” thick wood or through 2.25 “material. Changing the device increases cutting capacity to a consistency of approximately 3.3 “.

E3 has an Arduino chip to decipher the G-law train and allows open-source programming to be used to prepare machining lines.

We are busy with the assembly and supply of a mini CNC router machine in Vadodara, Gujarat, India. Our featured machine is manufactured using guaranteed quality factors and complex innovation by a group of experts inconsistent with established assiduity standards. This machine is delivered by our visitors, deductible from its execution and utility without difficulty.


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Mini CNC router machine manufacturers

The Smart Techno package in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India is powering the CNC machine manufacturer, supplier, and trading company in India. Smart Techno Pack is one of Trade India’s justified and trusted registered item marketers. 

With its extensive experience in supplying and exchanging Mini CNC router machines, the Smart Techno package has made a name for itself in the application for top-notch automatic CNC router machines, etc.

Incorporating a customer-driven method, the Smart Techno package has a presence in India and takes into account a colossal buyer base across the country. Buy CNC Machines en masse from Smart Techno Package in Quality Guaranteed Items from Trade India.

CNC has been idealizing the harmony between minimal expense and excellent CNC switches. The HDS series and Titan series CNC switches are the cornerstones of more than 30 times the field and plan vision. With several repeat visitors, Techno continues to bring impacts to the next execution situation. Techno offers reasonable CNC switches that handle items, withstand little maintenance, and for the most part, provide 15 too many admin times.

The perfect CNC milling machines for your furniture company

Furniture makers will be happy to realize that the machine beds are a combined vacuum table (for vacuum holding waste and leveled sheets) and a special aluminum T-table (for placing and fixing the inappropriate aisle to hold the vacuum). Titan and HDS series machines can be used with a quarter cube rotary table for a stylish chair and table legs.

Total instruments are accessible for specialized cuts such as 90-degree vertical extraction. Our professionals also provide genuine support by recommending the right tools and cutting methodologies for a long time for accessories related to cabinetmaking.

Small CNC router machine manufacturers

The Titan series machine is all-blade development, equipping the uncompromising setting required for ultra-smooth steering results. The Titan machine incorporates a 12HP HSD programmed apparatus transformer with 8 position device frame and a worked powder assortment cover that assembles the air inlet onto the blade, providing an ideal debris assortment run. 

The Multi-Zone Vacuum Specialty Tee Table is constructed of hard phenolic, which is a stable material and maintains strict abstinence for a flawless cut.

The Titan series is associated with a 10HP rotary vane vacuum siphon, which has quiet activity (82db). For a simple distance arrangement, (3) material spring legs are incorporated and positioned exactly to handle and adjust brilliant-sized accessories. The Titan series is driven by brushless transmission motors and is controlled via an easy-to-use and learn handheld controller.

which is a stable material that maintains tight withdrawal for a flawless cut, and is associated with a 10HP rotary vane vacuum siphon (voluntary double pack), for quiet activity. For a simple distance arrangement, (3) spring legs are recalled for the HDS series and are positioned exactly to handle and adjust vivid size accessories. 

The HDS series CNC machine is powered by AC Servo brushless computerized motors and drives and is controlled by an easy-to-use and learn grounded Osai PC counterfeit controller.

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